DICE Releasing Battlefield 1 as WWI Shooter in October

You read that right, people! The newest game coming out of EA and DICE is Battlefield 1! Unlike Call of Duty, the BF series is taking us backwards in time and dropping us off in a World War I setting. No lasers, no jet-packs, no ridiculousness. This game is going to feature classic combat in a gorgeous environment and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Battlefield 1 October Release

About BF1

Battlefield 1 is due to release on October 21st, 2016 and is setting itself apart from the competition in a BIG way. Rather than grasping onto this fad of hurling players into a futuristic world with robots, advanced human beings, and science-fiction weapons, we're headed back to the early 1900s and getting a chance to take up arms that thousands of men used during the very first World War.


Guns, as you can imagine, will be quite different from what we've grown accustomed to. There won't be many super fast-firing, advanced guns that our modern day military uses. Instead, we'll get to play with classics such as the infamous Lewis gun, the Lee Enfield bolt-action rifle, and more. To get an idea of what to expect be sure to read this article. Battlefield 1 Confirmed Weapons


Vehicles will, for obvious reasons, be a bit unique to this game as well. Obviously in the 1900s there weren't any faster-than-sound jet fighters, helicopters, or Jeeps, but we will get to pilot Red Baron style fighter planes, some of the very first tanks ever designed, and more in this game. For a comprehensive list of confirmed vehicles, go here.

Start Off Strong

Battlefield 1 is sure to be an exciting and awesome addition to the Battlefield series of games. It looks amazing and, from what we've heard so far, it plays smooth as butter across all platforms. If you want to get ahead of the competition and be ready to stomp other players in multiplayer, you'll want to get your hands on a strategy guide for BF1. That can be found right here.

Release Details

BF1 will release in October on PC as well as the Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms. It doesn't look like this game will be launched on last-gen consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3), though. Sorry guys. If you haven't upgraded yet, now is definitely a great time to do so because the consoles are now better-priced and there are some seriously awesome games coming out this year - so take advantage of it! Read More »

Battleborn: New Moba-Style FPS Coming in May

Battleborn MOBA

Getting a bit bored with traditional shooters and want something a little more refreshing and unique? Gearbox Software has developed a game that may just wet your appetite. Battleborn is a first-person MOBA-style shooter that seamlessly blends the action of your favorite FPS titles with the strategy and team work of popular franchises such as League of Legends.

The Story

The game is set in the distant future where an evil group has set out to destroy all of the stars in every universe they pass through. Groups of species have banded together in various factions to fight back against these invaders and save the last known star in existence within their own universe. Battleborn MOBA Battleborn features both RPG and shooter elements. There's an intriguing and entertaining story mode gamers can play through with plenty of challenging obstacles and bosses. Then there's the multiplayer portion that resembles MOBAs nearly identically where players can battle it out in a tower-defense style mode, a race to sacrifice robotic minions, and more.


Rather than create classes and pick gear at random like you would in most other shooter games, this game gives players a huge assortment of heroes to pick from that each have their own unique weapons, skills, and ultimate abilities. Battleborn characters range from militaristic meat-heads to space vampires and gigantic birds with rocket launchers. It's an eclectic mix with each one fitting a support, defense, or attack role. Each character has its own arsenal, capabilities, and more. In addition to that, players are also able to equip various pieces of gear that provide stat bonuses such as increases to accuracy, reduced weapon recoil, improved healing abilities, and a lot of other things. Plus, as you level up throughout multiplayer matches you get to pick skills from a tree-based system known as the Helix.

Character Builds

At each level the player gets two options to pick from. These vary greatly depending on which hero the player chooses to use at the beginning of the match. Most Helix skills provide bonuses to things like damage output, weapon improvements, healing received or dispersed, movement speed, and a host of other character attributes.

Getting a Hot Start

If this all sounds confusing or you haven't played a MOBA game in the past, you may want to consider picking up and reading a Battleborn guide to learn the basics, determine which character will best fit your personal playing style, and to find out what strategies are most effective to use in various multiplayer modes. Gamers that have never played a game like League of Legends or SMITE will likely find this game a bit complex and deeply confusing at first. Never fear, though, the game isn't overly complicated. After reading through a guide and playing several matches you'll no doubt pick up on the main objectives of each game mode and start learning how this MOBA works. Read More »

Battlefield Hardline SG553 Carbine Overview

Battlefield Hardline SG553 Carbine

The SG553 is a carbine that was originally introduced in Battlefield 3. It made a return in BF4 and has resurfaced as an Operator class weapon in Battlefield Hardline. It is only available when playing as the law enforcement faction and can be unlocked by buying it for $21,600.

Battlefield Hardline SG553

The SG553 is pretty versatile. It can be used in both short and medium range encounters well but is primarily suited for close quarters combat. It fires quickly, deals moderate damage, and has great mobility. It does, however, have quite the nasty recoil, making it deadly, but only in the hands of capable players that know how to steady a weapon while firing. Battlefield Hardline SG553 Carbine The SG553 comes equipped with the SRS 02 sight as soon as you get it. Fun fact: this weapon is a modern version of the SG 550 service rifle, an assault rifle designed in Switzerland that is currently in service by the DEA and FBI of the United States.

SG553 Stats

Damage Output: 15-24 HP Clip Size: 30 rounds (35 if using extended mags) Firing Rate: 700 rounds per minute The SG553 is versatile thanks to its multiple firing modes: full-auto, semi-auto, and 3 round burst. Using the semi-auto or burst firing options, it can be used to hit targets from medium to long range, but the damage falloff is high so it will take many more shots to register a kill at longer distances. Read More »

Battlefield Hardline RO933 Carbine Overview

Battlefield Hardline RO933 Carbine

The RO933 is a carbine available for player use in Battlefield Hardline. It looks and feels similar to an assault rifle but has more mobility and a high rate of fire that is closer to being on par with an SMG. It is similar to the M4 carbine, a weapon that has been used in previous titles (BF4, BF3, BFBC2, etc).

Battlefield Hardline RO933

The RO933 is essentially a shorter, more compact version of the M4. It deals a moderate amount of damage, has a high rate of fire, and is decent in both close quarters and medium range encounters. The gun has just a little recoil which kicks upward and to the right. Battlefield Hardline RO933 Carbine The RO933 features two different firing modes: full-auto and semi-auto. It is available for use by both the police and criminal factions but can only be equipped on the Operator class because carbines are off limits to all other classes in BF Hardline.

RO933 Stats

Damage Output: 15-24 HP Clip Size: 30 rounds (35 if you have extended mags equipped) Firing Rate: 800 rounds per minute Another cool thing about this gun? It comes with the Micro T1, Stubby Grip, and Flash Hider attachments already equipped for better optics, accuracy, and less recoil. Read More »

Battlefield Hardline G36C Carbine Overview

Battlefield Hardline G36C Carbine

The G36C is a fan-favorite carbine that has been seen in several Battlefield titles such as BF2, BF3, and, most recently, BF4. The gun returns in Battlefield Hardline. It is available to use when playing the Operator kit and on the police faction. It costs $42,000 to unlock

Battlefield Hardline G36C

The G36C has been known in previous games for being extremely stable and having little kick. This isn't 100% true in BFHL. While it doesn't move side to side anywhere near as much as other carbines, it does kick up a bit when firing in full-auto mode. Battlefield Hardline G36C Carbine The G36C comes equipped with a holographic sight and has pretty decent range for a carbine. It performs quite well at both close and medium range. It fires a bit slower than other similar guns but, due to its accuracy, is still very deadly.

G36C Stats

Damage Output: 15-24 HP Clip Size: 30 rounds (35 with extended mags attachment) Firing Rate: 750 rounds per minute This gun has 2 different firing modes: full-auto and semi-automatic. As with other weapons, stability and accuracy are increased when firing in semi-auto mode. Full-auto is recommended for close quarters encounters. Use semi-auto when engaging enemies at medium to long range to make sure bullets hit their target. Read More »

Battlefield Hardline CAR-556 Carbine Overview

Battlefield Hardline CAR-556 Carbine

The CAR-556 is a rather unique carbine found in Battlefield Hardline. The weapon was only obtainable by pre-ordering BFHL (much like the ACWR). It was given as loot in the special Suppression Battlepack that gamers received for pre-ordering the game.

Battlefield Hardline CAR-556

What makes this weapon unique isn't the fact that it was a pre-order bonus but rather its ammo features. This gun has a larger-than-average magazine size. In fact, it's bigger than most other carbines that have the extended mags attachment equipped. This means you get to fire off lead into enemies for longer than normal. Battlefield Hardline CAR-556 Carbine The drawbacks of the CAR, however, are that it doesn't have a high damage output, and it does have a bit of recoil. The gun does fire in two modes, though: auto & semi-auto. It also fires rather quickly at 700 RPM and the fall-off damage isn't too terrible at medium range. NOTE: This gun is only available to use when sporting the Operator kit.

CAR-556 Stats

Damage Output: 15-25 HP Clip Size: 40 rounds Firing Rate: 700 rounds per minute The CAR certainly isn't the best gun in the game but it's decent. If you find yourself running out of ammo and having to reload often, this might be worth trying. Other than that, there are more higher-powered carbines. But if magazine size and falloff damage are your main concerns, try this one on for size. Read More »

Battlefield Hardline AKS-74U Carbine Overview

Battlefield Hardline AKS-74U Carbine

The AKS-74U is a common and popular variant of the AK-74. The original is a full-on assault rifle but the 74U, sporting a shorter barrel, is categorized as a carbine. This weapon can be purchased in Battlefield Hardline for the criminal faction for $21,000 and comes with a built-in laser sight.

Battlefield Hardline AKS-74U

As with all carbines, the AKS is only available to players that choose to play the Operator class. This weapon is fairly strong in close quarters scenarios but is a terrible option for medium to long range encounters due to the steepness of fall-off damage at a distance. Battlefield Hardline AKS-74U Carbine The AKS is a fairly stable weapon with very little recoil. It is also able to be fired in either fully-automatic or semi-automatic modes. If you're a run 'n gun style player and want to use the Operator kit, this is probably one of the best guns you can use on your loadout. It's awesome at close range so its perfect for running into high traffic areas with narrow corridors or for rushing objectives.

AKS-74U Stats

Damage Output: 14-28 HP Clip Size: 30 rounds (35 if using extended mags) Firing Rate: 735 rounds per minute Great choice of weapon if you want high mobility and accuracy. The damage is a bit low and the range sucks but if you plan to be in the middle of the action, want to be fast, and want to shred enemies fast, the AKS-74U will probably be a good fit for you. Read More »

Battlefield Hardline ACWR Carbine Overview

Battlefield Hardline ACWR

The ACWR is a carbine that has appeared in multiple Battlefield titles including Play4Free, BF3, and BF4. It makes a return in Battlefield Hardline with some slight modifications. The main difference between this weapon and the one seen in previous games is the slower firing rate.

Battlefield Hardline ACWR

The ACWR is a moderately powerful gun that isn't available to everyone. In order to get access to this carbine you had to pre-order the game. It only came in the Versatility Battlepack, a unique pack that was given to gamers that preordered BFHL. Battlefield Hardline ACWR The gun has a pretty large magazine, deals a moderate amount of damage, and features 3 different firing modes: semi-auto, burst, and full-auto. The ACWR is only available for use with the Operator kit, no other class has the ability to use carbines.

ACWR Stats

Damage Output: 15-25 HP Clip Size: 30 rounds (increased to 35 rounds with extended mags equipped) Firing Rate: 800 rounds per minute Reload: 2s with ammo, 2.2s with empty mag Overall, this is a versatile and pretty decent weapon. It's been a fan favorite for the series and keeps making a comeback in nearly every title.   Read More »

Battlefield Hardline Carbines Overview

Battlefield Hardline Carbines

Want great mobility like you'd have using an SMG but with a little more power and range? Well, Battlefield Hardline has a weapon type that may suit your needs. They're called carbines. These weapons are more compact than assault rifles, but pack a bit more punch than SMGs. Still, they bridge that gap between submachine guns and ARs quite well. Battlefield Hardline Carbines

Battlefield Hardline Carbines

Carbines are one of our favorite weapon types in all Battlefield titles. They're excellent for small to medium sized maps where you're going to run into a lot of action. They've got decent mobility, fire moderately fast, and, in the hands of a capable player, they're extremely deadly. In BF Hardline these guns are available exclusively to the Operator class. There are multiple┬ácarbines in the game. These are: NOTE: Click the name of the carbine above will take you to a page dedicated to that weapon. These pages have in-depth overviews of each gun that include stats, tips for using the weapon, details about unlocks, and more. Carbines are great weapons to take into game modes like Team Deathmatch but are also great for players that like to rush objective points or stay in buildings where there's a lot of close quarters combat. Because of the moderate range on these weapons you don't have to be extremely close to rip through an opponent, but you don't want to be too far back either. Read More »

Battlefield Hardline Enforcer Syndicate: Double-Barrel Shotgun Unlock

Battlefield Hardline Enforcer Syndicate

Want the almighty Double-Barrel shotgun in your available arsenal? Well, there's only one way to get it. You've got to complete quite a few assignments and then wrap it up by doing the Enforcer's syndicate - a higher tier of assignments that are slightly harder but the payoff is the 100-damage shotgun.

Battlefield Hardline Enforcer Syndicate

Syndicates are special sets of assignments that allow the player to unlock unique weapons that aren't available for standard purchase or by regular unlocks. The Enforcer has a great one because once you finish it, you get access to the Double-Barrel shotgun. Battlefield Hardline Enforcer Syndicate


Before you can even think about working on the syndicate you've got to spend some time with the Enforcer class. In order to unlock the syndicate tier of achievements you need to complete both tier 1 and tier 2 of the regular Enforcer assignments first. These are the pre-reqs:
  • Complete Tiers 1 & 2 of Enforcer Assignments
  • Buy 10 Different Weapons or Gadgets for the Enforcer Kit
  • Earn the Enforcer Gold Service Star #1
The requirements for the above are very basic. It's essentially just getting kills, assists, and ranking up while playing the Enforcer class. And, as you do this, you'll also unlock the super fancy Bald Eagle pistol, so that's a bonus!

Syndicate Requirements

After you get the basics out of the way it's time to knuckle down and start working through the tasks required to complete the Enforcer syndicate itself. These take a little more time and patience but aren't too hard. Here are the syndicate req's:
  • Get 200 Kills Using Either Shotguns or Battle Rifles
  • Hit the Tier 4 Reputation Track for Enforcer in 10 Matches
  • Earn a Total of 15 Ammo Resupply Coins
  • Earn a Total of 15 Ballistic Shield Coins

Step 1: Shotgun / BR Kills

The Enforcer is rather unique when it comes to syndicate tasks. Rather than having to rely on just one weapon type, this class can actually complete this tier by using shotguns or battle rifles. Take your pick, equip it, and burn through the 200 kills by playing Team Deathmatch or just PTOs (play the objectives) in your favorite mode.

Step 2: T4 Rep

For unskilled or new players this will be one of the harder requirements to complete. In 10 different matches you've got to reach the 4th tier reputation track for the Enforcer. This means you have to contribute a lot and get a good score every match. Just like the other classes, though, this is easily completed by activating a Reputation Boost on your Enforcer before entering matches. It'll help you reach the higher tiers much faster than normal. It's highly recommended that use one.

Step 3: Resupply Coins

Ammo resupply coins are pretty easy to get, but still annoying. In order to get one of these coins you've got to get the resupply bonus a total of 8 times. So 15 coins equals 120 resupplies. Easiest thing to do? Find your camping teammates or a large group of team members staying in the same general area, and throw down ammo packs, they'll run over them and you'll get the bonuses.

Step 4: Shield Coins

This is probably the most annoying and difficult parts of the Enforcer syndicate. For each ballistic shield coin you've got to deflect a total of 100 damage using the shield. So, for a total of 15 coins you're going to have to absorb a full 1500 points of damage. Ouch. Fastest way to earn ballistic shield coins? It's actually easier than it sounds. The quickest method is to simply make a run for available objective points and sit in the objective while capturing it, absorbing enemy fire. Don't worry, in most cases if enemies notice a capture point being taken, they WILL come to you, guns blazing.

Double-Barrel Shotgun

After all of your blood, sweat, and tears you'll be rewarded. The final outcome of completing everything above is getting the ability to access the Double-Barrel shotgun. And, yes, it's just as awesome as it sounds. So, never fear, your hard work will not be for nothing! Read More »