Battlefield Hardline Classes Overview

Like in previous titles, Battlefield Hardline features four classes. These are pretty similar to those seen in preceding games such as BF4. Each class has access to different sets of weapons and gadgets and each one is designed to play a specific role.

Battlefield Hardline Classes

Battlefield Hardline Classes

The classes found in this game are:

To sum it up as briefly as possible, Enforcers are generally meant to play a support role but are decent for assault too, Mechanics are specialized to work with and repair vehicles, Operators play well as both medics and assault roles, and Professionals are the stealthy, recon-style characters of Hardline.

By clicking the name of the class above you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to that class. On these pages you’ll find a lot more information about the class including available weapons, usable gadgets, tips & tricks for playing the class, and more.

Picking a Class

Choosing which class you play as each match is actually pretty important. For obvious reasons you should coordinate your decision with your squad so that each person within the squad fills a necessary role. In other words, not everyone should be playing the exact same class.

Personal preference also plays a huge role here. If you’re more of a run ‘n gun style player that wants to chase kills (curse you, if you are) then you’ll probably want to use an assault-style class such as the Operator. If, however, you prefer to stay back and provide cover fire, you’re probably better suited for a support role (Enforcer) or even recon (Professional).